Select Vendor of the Week

Posted on October 28, 2011

Maxine’s, Inc.

Maxine’s Alterations & Tailoring was established in 1991. Two sisters operate this family business at 1033 5th Avenue North. I have used their services many times over the years and I cannot compliment their service and results enough! The very first time I went into this modest store was nearly 20 years ago…I had a favorite jacket with two front pockets that had ripped at the seam of one of the pockets when it got caught on a chair. I wasn’t sure if they would be able to repair it well enough to go undetected. Well, they removed BOTH pockets and simply moved them up an inch on either side and ‘voila’, problem fixed! The rip was mended and ended up ‘inside’ the damaged pocket! I was hooked! I have referred countless friends and customers to Maxine’s over the years. They do not advertise, and I don’t believe they have a website. They depend on word of mouth to obtain new customers! is proud to select Maxine’s Inc as our Vendor of the Week! Please call them direct at 239.263.2884 for any custom tailoring or alterations!

Thank you and make it a great day,

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