Save $$$ On Your Home Insurance

Posted on June 05, 2008

Recently my husband (and business partner, Chip) had a Windstorm Inspection done on our personal residence here in Naples. We live on the water. The results, which we turned into our insurance company, gave us approximately a 30% savings on the wind portion of our homeowner’s insurance premium. This is substantial when you consider the cost of insurance. If you are reading this, and have any questions pertaining to this type of inspection, please feel free to call Chip as he would be happy to assist you. 239-370-0574

It is important to note that Governor Charlie Crist signed a new law: SB 2860, which will require beginning in 2010, all homes insured by Citizen’s Property Insurance for more than $500,000 which are located in the “windborne debris region” to disclose the home’s windstorm rating at the real estate closing. This means these homeowners will have to complete the windstorm mitigation inspection prior to selling their homes.

This program also applies to condominums, so it might benefit an association to check into getting such an inspection.

~AND…Starting in 2011, all homes located in the windborne debris regions must disclose this rating at closing, not just those insured for more than $500,000.