New Feature on our site!

Posted on April 10, 2008

We love getting feedback and input from the public and our customers who frequent our website. We take all suggestions into consideration and today I am happy to announce a few improvements to our already awesome site!

First of all, as a buyer you will now be able to search in better price point increments to help you zero in on listings that are closer to the actual purchase price you desire.

Second, we will now be changing our “Featured Property” on our home page weekly instead of monthly. With so many wonderful listings in our inventory, and with featured properties getting so many “looks” we thought this would be a way of better exposing our fabulous “best buys” and change them out regularly. By clicking on that link on the home page you will be able to get details of each listing as well as lots of photographs and a virtual tour!

So thank you for all the great comments! Keep them coming! We aim to please! –and remember, to see any of these listings, please call The Team today! 239-370-0574 direct