Need vs. Desire

Posted on March 01, 2012

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Vacation and resort destinations have an entirely different set of rules when it comes to ‘buyer urgency’ when compared to other markets. Jerry Murphy, managing broker at The Park Shore Coldwell Banker office, always says, “There are two kinds of buyers in the world…those that ‘need‘ to buy and those that ‘desire‘ to buy”. That goes for just about anything…real estate is no exception. Here in Naples, the vast majority of the buyers we work with are those ‘desiring’ a new home or condo. Obviously, it is easier to sell to someone who needs something…regardless of the price tag, big or small: Whether purchasing a new dress for an upcoming event vs. browsing the rack at a local department store for fun…shopping for a car because your lease is up vs. looking for a sports car because you’ve always wanted one…OR buying a home due to a job transfer vs. visiting Naples Florida and wanting a vacation home; the motivation or lack thereof remains the same with any of the above purchase comparisons. I think this might be one part of the equation that sellers sometimes forget to factor in during negotiations. In many cases they “need” to sell, but the prospects looking at their properties are just “desiring” a vacation home.

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