Coldwell Banker’s Latest Ad Campaign!

Posted on March 07, 2012

The Value of Owning a Home

Coldwell Banker recently released their 2012 ad campaign at the annual business conference in New Orleans. The creative agency selected by Coldwell Banker to head up this campaign is Siltanen & Partners in El Segundo, California. A very different approach to their marketing was adopted this year in order to play up the emotional reasons for owning a home. Personally, I have always felt that owning a home had more to do with those emotional connections and the memories that are created…those things which make a house a home. I’ve been selling this way for 31 years! In this day and age, when the idea of home ownership has taken such a beating, I believe it was a very good idea for the world’s largest real estate company, Coldwell Banker, to play up these less-than-rational reasons for buyers to consider a home purchase today….Quite simply, people buy homes because they want to own a piece of the earth….they want to hang a picture, paint a wall, have a pet, plant a tree. Real estate agents who get this, who really understand the privilege it is to be such an intricate part of this process will always fair well, even in tough times.

The Harris Peppe Team at the Coldwell Banker Previews office in beautiful downtown Naples, Florida has always embraced this higher calling. “We don’t sell ‘bricks and sticks’…we sell a place where babies grow up, where backyard barbecues celebrate birthdays and graduations, where grandparents watch their grandkids to play & swim…We sell lifestyles.” I’m in awe of this responsibility everyday.

Check out this video and let me know what you think. Oh, and tell me if you can figure out whose voice that is narrating! ~click here for the Coldwell Banker “Value of Owning a Home” ad.

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