Writer’s Block?

Posted on March 11, 2010

The most successful blogs are those which are written consistently. Regular, interesting entries…thought provoking posts…informative, catchy, entertaining…I read blogs often. I subscribe to several. I know a few bloggers that I believe should actually write books…they are really great writers. Their use of whirling words paint pictures in my head…I am mesmerized by their ability to describe simple things like planting an herb garden or cooking a souffle or shopping with a child with such imagery that I look forward to each and every one of their posts. ~I also enjoy ‘professional’ blogs about politics, music, movies, real estate & business…but not as much! Lately I’ve had a bit of writer’s block…The truth is, I can think of dozens of things to write about every single day…but I have been a little preoccupied with…well, with…selling and listing real estate! I have all good intentions, but frankly, by the end of the day I am pretty much beat and can’t wait to just call it a day….Writing my real estate blog has dropped down on the list of priorities these past few weeks. Now that the intense influx of snowbirds has leveled out, and I am getting myself back into a schedule of sorts (yeah, right!), I am hoping to blog more regularly. Many thanks to my loyal fans who have gone so far as to pick up the phone and call me: “Where are you?…Is everything ok?” Yes, I am fine…It’s just that it’s season, and no matter how many years I have been doing this (29 years the end of this month~Whew!), I never seem to manage to pace myself…I am very happy that day light savings time is coming early this year (remember, Saturday, March 13th…spring ahead). I am looking forward to maybe getting home before dark…ah, wouldn’t that be nice? So, it may not really be ‘writer’s block’ after all, but just a case of ‘Busy Real Estate Agent-Wife-Mom-Mimi-Daughter-Volunteer-Artist’…not necessarily in that order. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post…I cannot guarantee whirling words, but I at least feel consistent coming on!