Why I love Southwest Florida ~ Top 100 Reasons

Posted on June 24, 2014

…The Countdown Continues!

Earlier this month I decided to do a “Top 100 Reasons Why I Love SW Florida” blog feature—honestly, I think when I get to 100, I’ll be able to do another 100! There are so many reasons to be grateful we live, work and play in this wonderful town we call ‘Paradise’, Naples Florida. What I am here to tell you about is what puts the REAL in real estate…those things that give our area its true value. Many are intangible, like that which I am going to post about today…


The #3 Reason Why I Love Southwest Florida: Magnificent Sunsets!  



*Sunset at The Naples Pier


Whether you are lucky enough to have a home with a westerly view where you can enjoy the endless beauty each night, or a boat where you can cruise out to the gulf to see the setting sun…perhaps you regularly go to the beach to catch a glimpse of the greatest show on earth…or what some say is the best place in Naples, where the locals & tourists alike, walk out onto the 1,000′ pier to gaze out into the beauty of the sunset every evening…endless clouds, the Gulf of Mexico…it cannot be denied: Living on or near the beach is a blessing. Amen. ~And the sunsets in Naples are amazing!


Since a picture paints a thousand words, I will just leave you with some of my favorites…there are so many to choose from…



Sunset At Gordon Pass




Sunset Over Naples Bay



If you have any pictures of a sunset anywhere in Naples, please share! With your permission, I will post on our website! Photo credits will be given to the artist, of course.


Thank you, and make it a great day…better yet, I hope you see a green flash–it’s good luck!



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* Naples Pier photograph by, Art David.