We’re Busy!

Posted on February 27, 2009

Just a couple of things today…

I had the pleasant experience today of driving from CR 951 (aka Collier Blvd.), which is approximately 3 miles east of I-75, all the way to U.S 41, on the recently completed east-west artery, Vanderbilt Beach Extension Road! What a wonderful ride. I am sure that all the sub-divisions in that area are thrilled to finally be done with the road construction. This will make the commute to and from that area a breeze!

Also wanted to add a bit of news which appeared in today’s Florida Association of Realtors online newsletter. Up until now, the National Association of Realtors has been very supportive of the Obama administration’s housing and stimulus plans. However, today the NAR voiced their opposition to a budget proposal that would impair mortgage interest deductions for 100’s of thousands of home owners. Click here to read the full article.

One more thing…Chip and I are having a great month! January was terrific, February has been even better, and we are very optimistic that the next couple of months are going to break records! Our listing inventory is bursting with good-buys, we can hardly keep up with the leads from our websites, showing activity is up 178% over the first 2 months of ’08–and we are making sales! Interest rates are still low and our loan officer, Kelly, is making loans! The weather is near perfect! It’s a great time to buy! We hope to hear from you soon!