We Will Never Forget

Posted on September 11, 2014

Can it really be 13 years?

It seems like yesterday to me…I was having coffee with a friend…my phone rang three times. I looked at it finally and saw it was a call from each of my three sons. I called my middle son back first since he was the first call—all he said was that something horrible had happened—he described it briefly, but told me I should get right over to my mom’s home as he knew she would be upset. At that point I could not even begin to imagine the enormity of what was ahead for our country that day, and the days to follow. Who could have ever imagined such a horrific event?


Today I can still feel that same anguish. The sadness still brings tears to my eyes. The emotion is still fresh in my heart and soul. I cannot even begin to understand how friends and family members of those who lost their lives that day must feel…All I can say is, we will never forget. This country should never forget. Our children and our children’s children need to learn and know and believe that this is a great country!  God bless the brave men and women who serve…our soldiers, our first responders. 


Please join us in spending a quiet moment today, remembering the souls who lost their lives, sending prayers to each of their loved ones, and lifting up our voices to promise, WE WILL NEVER FORGET!


Thank you, and God bless America.


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