The Real Estate Industry is Pro-Consumer

Posted on June 20, 2011

As a follow-up to my most recent post about how the real estate industry is so “pro-consumer”, I’d like to share some ideas about the other occupations directly effected by a home sale from start to finish. I have thought about this a lot since Ron Phipp’s talk here in Naples last week, and the idea that an average of 147 entities are involved in each and every real estate transaction is a pretty amazing fact! I started to piece together the timeline from the point of taking a listing through to closing…Here are a few of the people and businesses that benefit from this economically:

In addition to the support staff on my team, and at my office…I then make keys, call the sign company, photographer, virtual tour company–sometimes a carpet cleaner is called in, a house cleaner, a painter, a landscaper, a stager…the person who draws the floorplan, the printer, the advertising outlets and all their staff members…Contracts are accepted then the file gets turned over to inspection companies: pest inspection, mold inspection, radon, structural inspector and his or her assistants, airconditioner, roofer, pool inspector, seawall & dock contractor…a mortgage rep, a title company or attorney and their support staff and underwriters…wind mitigator, insurance agents and their staff, home watch services, furniture stores, movers…not to mention the closing gifts and the shops where they are purchased and their staff, the client appreciation dinners and those that cater and serve…the gift certificates and thank you notes…Is it any wonder at all that REAL ESTATE and housing is indeed the driving force behind a successful and flourishing economy?

I would love to hear from you if you are an individual whose job benefits from the real estate industry. Please comment on this blog post, or email me directly at Your input is very important to me, especially if you live in Southwest Florida and think that The Harris Peppe Team should consider your services to assist our customers. Currently we have a ‘Select Vendor’ list featured on the menu bar on the home page of our website at as well as a concierge list on our Naples Previews Luxury Website.

Thank you, and make it a great day!

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