The Lessons of 2020…?

Posted on December 30, 2020

I have always preferred to look at life’s challenges as lessons not obstacles…failures as opportunities to learn. Who else can join me in looking for the bright spots in 2020? There are some…I promise…

This crazy year is one we will never forget…we have all been effected one way or another; known many who survived the pandemic, while some did not….Businesses that thrived [think commercial cleaners and face-mask manufacturers] and businesses that barely hung on by a thread [think locally owned pubs, retail, gyms, salons…]. We’ve learned what we can live with and what we can live without…what is non-essential and what is totally essential. We went through Phase I, Phase II, Phase III??? Do we trust politicians, do we trust science? Can anyone agree on anything? Does everyone have to have an agenda?

That said, the real estate industry was no different. We adjusted our “sales” and learned to incorporate many new procedures into our daily lives. We ensured our customers were provided the best service while social distancing. Our office closed in mid-March…and like so many, we found out we could indeed work from home. We met buyers at listings rather than at the office…we wore masks religiously, used hand sanitizer [no more hand shakes], took our shoes of outside the front door, and did away with much of our handheld marketing pieces.

Many of the buyers we worked with in 2020 were folks hailing from more populated areas…instead of slowing down, we actually got busier! People began reflecting on where they wanted to spend time if they were forced to “stay home”…and Naples became a lifestyle choice. We sold quite a few houses to buyers relocating to Naples for that simple reason, they could work from home so why not make Naples home!?

At open hoses we allowed one party in at a time, and guess what, the prospects waiting outside for their turn to view the home or condo were patient and understanding!

Our weekly sales meetings were done online and were well attended. We went to countless webinars and even did much of our continued education taking online classes! We spent more time improving our skills and creating new ways to network and engage!

Overall, 2020 has been a year filled with introspection and deciding what is most important in our lives; family, our health…and home!

We are proud to be such an integral part of this ongoing process of helping people buy and sell homes…this is indeed “essential”, and we are grateful for another year in this honorable profession.

Happy New Year everyone. May 2021 be healthy and happy, and may all our challenges be opportunities to grow and thrive.