The Green Silk Robe

Posted on March 11, 2011

Over 20 years ago I sold a home in Naples to a wonderful couple…Joy was a teacher….we clicked immediately. We’ve stayed in touch over the years…Sometimes nothing more than just a few of my ‘staying in touch’ marketing postcards, the annual Christmas card or an occasional personal note to let her know I was thinking of her. When we did have an opportunity to reconnect, it was always like no time had gone by since our last encounter. I’ve sold over 1,000 homes in the past 30 years…to a lot of wonderful couples, but Joy and her husband’s purchase was one that always stands out in my mind–it was such an enjoyable transaction! One of the most delightful aspects of the sale was meeting “Dottie”, Joy’s mom, who already lived in a condo in Naples. Keep in mind, this was over 20 years ago, and so to this real estate gal who was in her mid-30’s at the time, and who has never been one to even try to guess a woman’s age, I simply suspected Dottie was at least old enough to collect social security. She was deeply caring and so happy to be involved in the process–She wanted to see the homes Joy & her husband had narrowed down to, and be part of the excitement that her daughter & son-in-law were experiencing buying their first Naples home! She was even at the closing! Recently Joy called me–we had not spoken in years. She left a sweet message, but before I returned the call I did something I don’t think I’ve ever done before–I search the local paper’s obituaries…It was there that I found what I sadly suspected was the reason for Joy’s phone call, her beautiful mom had passed away. Joy wanted me to know that her mom had told her a long time ago, “someday when something happens to me I don’t want anyone else but Michele to sell my condo.” Later that week I met Joy at her mom’s home–she had already gone through much of Dottie’s things…Together we walked through the bright and cheerful apartment, and I could just feel Dottie’s spirit. I made a few suggestions on what needed to be done before we put it on the market, and I told her not to worry, I would get back in there myself and have the place staged…A few more things ended up in boxes, some knick-knacks, books, and some clothes that were headed to the local shelter…Almost all the personal things save this one lovely green silk robe hanging in the closet. It didn’t look like it had ever been worn–Joy confirmed that it hadn’t and when she saw how I admired it, she asked me if I wanted it. She and her husband had bought it for Dottie–guess she felt it wasn’t practical–made me remember when my grandma died and all the pretty robes and pajamas that my mom had given her over the years were still wrapped in tissue paper. “Of course I’ll take it, are you sure? Oh my God Joy, it’s beautiful!” Well, yesterday was the closing. Some really nice people bought Dottie’s little condo, which made us feel very good. It rained like crazy yesterday…Joy and I held back tears at the closing thinking that the rain drops were Dottie’s happy tears…It was really awesome to tell the closing agent how far back we all go and how I came to get this listing…and I came away from that closing with an incredible feeling of contentment. It is good to be reminded sometimes that what we do each day has nothing at all to do with contracts or closings…It’s about people who touch your heart…it’s about a green silk robe, which by the way, I love to wear…Thank you Dottie! Thank you, The Naples Real Estate Blogger