The Coast Is Clear

Posted on June 03, 2010

In Naples, the coast is clear!

The coast of Florida has miraculously been blessed with weeks of winds blowing mostly from the north and east, keeping “the spill” away…for now. This wind direction is the opposite of normal for this time of year!
(photo insert taken on 05/31/2010 between Naples and Marco Island-click on picture to enlarge)

Chip and I have not had many inquiries about the oil spill, but it did come up as a topic of discussion yesterday at our office’s weekly business meeting. Coldwell Banker provided us with the following State of Florida LINK which will direct you to information about the Deepwater Horizon including live video feeds, trajectory maps and press releases. We were encouraged to make the link available to our customers. For buyers that might be hesitant to make offers on properties located right on the gulf front, a local attorney is working on an addendum that could become part of a sales agreement giving the buyer an opportunity to cancel a sale should oil end up on our beaches.  Another helpful site which is providing good information about our beaches is the VISIT FLORIDA site.   
Although the spill has not affected us directly, the magnitude of this disaster could ultimately affect every living thing on our gulf coast.  As reported yesterday on several social network sites, in response to mounting public pressure, the federal government decided that BP should carry the cost of constructing barrier islands along the Louisiana coast.  They will be paying over $360 million dollars for this project, which they will not be in charge of managing nor constructing.  BP has already provided $170 million to Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. They have also paid approximately $42 million in compensation to people and companies affected by the spill.  For more information about the BP funding of the barrier islands and other related stories you can click HERE.  BP presently has 7 different projects underway working to stem the flow of oil. Over 13,000 workers on over 500 vessels are out on the water everyday working the spill. Let’s all continue to keep these workers in our thoughts and prayers, and hope for a solution to this challenging situation soon. 

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