Taking a Break

Posted on September 06, 2011

I’ve been away. It’s a funny thing…everyone who knows me, or should I say everyone who ‘thinks’ they know me, can’t believe I didn’t go through technology withdrawals during the past 6 days. I didn’t. Usually, whenever I go out of town, whether it is off on our boat or up to our cabin, I bring along my trusty laptop and dependable aircard. Usually I stay connected. I manage my website and social marketing. I email. I blog. I facebook. Not this time. This time I spent a wonderful, long holiday weekend away from the office and away from the Internet. I did not go through any symptoms of withdrawal. I disconnected and stayed disconnected. I turned my phone on one time, on Saturday, to call my mom and Chip. Neither of them answered. That’s ok. I left them both a message, and told them not to worry about calling back…I was turning my phone off again. [I did however use my phone a couple of times to check in on Foursquare] Once, I thought about going online at an Internet cafe’, but the thought soon left me. I was so happy not to be so easily connected. Lucky for me, I had two amazing people covering for me in my absence. Chip & Sam. That definitely made taking a break easier. We should all take those breaks. Regularly. I’m back to work today. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing. I’ve answered a dozen Naples Real Estate inquiries. I touched base on Twitter. LinkedIn. Facebook. I’ve read through and answered a lot of emails…and now, now I’m writing a short blog post. I thought I’d post about taking a break from technology. It’s important to disconnect so that you can reconnect with those things in life that really matter.

Make it a great Day!

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