Spring Lake Restoration in downtown Naples

Posted on March 05, 2009

Right behind our office, in the alley behind the businesses on Naples’ main street: Fifth Avenue South, there’s a special little surprise in store for those of you who like to take the path less travelled. I always prefer to walk or bike in the alleys in Old Naples because there are so many wonderful treasures to discover. Recently Spring Lake underwent a beautiful restoration and this lovely deck and arbor were constructed. It’s one of my new favorite destinations during the day when I need a little “mini-vacation”. Ten minutes sitting on one of the benches, looking out over the lake, watching the ducks and birds and listening to the fountain and I am recharged.
Imagine, this sweet place is only a few blocks to the Gulf of Mexico.

Here is some interesting information about the Spring Lake project:

Establishing Floating Islands:

Floating Islands provide space for aquatic vegetation to be planted where littoral zones are not present. Floating islands are buoyant. They are comprised of recycled plastic bottles and foam. The aquatic vegetation is then planted in a unique biomix of soil. Once planted, the island is then launched and anchored in the lake.

Aerating The Water:

Fountains, or the more effective “bubblers” that lie on the bottom of lakes, increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water which is necessary for the survival of fish and fauna. Aeration also keeps algae growth under control and improves the overall health of the lake. Posted by Picasa