Social Networking Works!

Posted on July 28, 2009

Today I have a really neat FACEBOOK story that I’d like to share…

About 3 months ago I received a call from a past customer who asked if Chip & I would be interested in a referral? She knew it was in an area that we don’t often work, and she said she would completely understand if we wanted to refer it out to another agent. She said the buyers were friends of her brother. I gladly accepted the referral; this is the lifeblood of any business. I’ve often said, it takes less energy to keep a past customer than to find a new one…and Why more folks don’t have better systems for staying in touch is beyond me…anyway…

I proceeded in getting in touch with the prospect and after a great phone interview I mailed out a complete Naples package, and we began regular communication via email. They flew to town for a weekend (from New Jersey) about 8 weeks ago and I showed them homes. During the conversation I asked them how they knew my past customer’s brother. The wife replied, “Oh, we don’t actually know her brother…I’ve never ever met him…we are just in the same ‘group’ on Facebook…one day I commented about coming to Naples to look at houses and he replied to me and told me his sister lived in Naples and had a really good agent.

Long story short–Today we closed on their new home in Naples! They ended up paying more than they originally planned because they bought a house with a guest house attached to the property and went together with their parents to make the purchase! It was a wonderful transaction from start to finish!

Part of the challenge these days is finding the time to keep up to date with all the new technology. We are only just experiencing the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social networking. From a business perspective, making productive use of your online time is crucial to your success in today’s market, regardless of what you do for a living! –and, The re-connections you make with old friends is a wonderful bonus!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about social networking…and don’t forget, if you know anyone looking to buy or sell in Naples Florida, we hope you will consider referring them to The Harris Peppe Team!

Thanks, and make it a great day!