Social Networking and Today’s Real Estate Agent

Posted on February 10, 2010

If you think social networking is just a passing fad, think again…to all of you real estate agents out there still doing business the old-fashioned way, please take a few minutes to watch this VIDEO …In fact, anyone in any business should take 4 minutes to watch this video! To those of you who have embraced social networking, more power to you! It is the future, whether we like it or not…~You say you don’t have the time for social blogging? Well then, you need to figure out a way to find the time. This is not an easy transition: I’ve been blogging for nearly 3 years, and especially at this busy time of year it is tough to set aside the time necessary to create interesting posts. I go days between tweets and youtube downloads…I created a MySpace page over a year ago and never went back…I created three profiles on LinkedIn; one for me, one for Chip and one for the team…boy, that was overkill…now I’ll be googling “ways to delete a LinkedIn and MySpace account”! LOL! I even Skype customers whenever possible rather than talking to them on the telephone! Oh yes, phones, well that’s a whole other story…the Blackberry vs. the iphone debate continues…I’m due for a phone upgrade on the 12th and any feedback you can share will be greatly appreciated! One thing I would like to interject is: PLEASE stop texting while you’re driving people! ~In closing, I’d recommend that you pick and choose your social networks wisely…Talk to others who blog and tweet and get some tips…attend webinars on the subject every chance you get…it is amazing the amount of information there is out there…Lastly, but certainly not the least…This [real estate] is still and always will be a people business. Don’t get so lost and caught up in technology that you forget to interact with your customers on a personal level…One of the classes I took taught me that for every 10 posts on Facebook, 9 should be non-business related…After all is said and done, people really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. ~Till next time, remember, the sun is shining today in Naples Florida and we have some very pretty condos on the beach to sell…so call me! …after you watch the video!