Never Forget

Posted on September 11, 2010

I remember when I was a little girl…every year on December 7th my father would share stories with me about the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was a moment…a day…a date in history, that he would never forget–that our nation would never forget. It was important for him to tell me about that day—He instilled deep within me, a passionate love for my country. Today, December 7th comes and goes with very little fanfare–The “old-timers” still remember that day vividly, but many of the youth of today know nothing more than the brief paragraph in a chapter from their American History books that they read simply to pass an exam. Time will erase the sadness and horror we felt nine years ago today. Sad but true. It’s inevitable. I just hope that moment in time is not reduced to a simple passage in a book for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren to read about someday–We must NEVER FORGET.

~It is hard to believe that it has been nine years since the atrocity against our great nation…scars are still healing.  Following 911 our country pulled together and did whatever was necessary to protect ourselves and each other. The unity was unprecedented. We experienced a love for our country that possibly no other generation of Americans had ever embodied.  But, through this tragedy there is one thing that I am just as certain of today as I was when I was a little girl…as I was nine years ago today: The strength and innate goodness of our nation’s great people will always shine through.   
~I watched a TV special last night about 911. It was a timeline–I saw the hijackers pass through security…I watched survivors tell their stories…I listened to the calm voices of the flight attendants and emergency-number operators…I re-lived the planes crashing…the buildings falling…witnessed again people running for their lives.  –Today I remember those who lost their lives…my prayers go out to the family and friends who continue to endure the pain of their loss. Today I honor those brave men and women who walked into the unknown, and put the lives of others before their own…on that day, hundreds of thousands of heroes were born.
Please take a moment to watch this VIDEO.