Naples Florida Residential Pending Sales UP UP UP!

Posted on May 05, 2011

I’m a very visual person, comes from my art background I guess, but you have to admit, a picture can paint a thousand words. Take for example the chart below [click on picture to enlarge]. This graph depicts the Pendings month by month for the past 4 years in Naples Florida. Who can argue that sales are up? If this doesn’t convince the buyers that are on the fence that it’s time to make a decision I’m not sure what will. As for the sellers: If you are not getting offers, there is probably only one reason: You are overpriced! Inventory is way down, less than 7,000 Active Residential listings in the Naples MLS…remember when we had over 16,000 listings? It wasn’t that long ago! Activity has remained brisk even into May! I remain very optimistic about the Naples Real Estate market.

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