Naples Changing Seasons

Posted on June 27, 2009

A lot of people tell me that they don’t think they could live in Florida year round because we don’t have any seasons…Of course, there’s always the canned replies, “Oh we have seasons alright…rainy season, hurricane season, dry season, tourist season”…But for those of us who have lived here over the years, we have come to notice and appreciate the sometimes subtle and sometimes not so subtle changes that come with each season. There is something magical that happens in south Florida in the late spring which lasts through the middle of summer…Something that the “snowbirds” never get to see and experience except through the photographs in books or the paintings hung in the area galleries. Our beautiful flowering trees burst with colors so vivid that if you were to only hear about it you would never believe it!

The exquisite purple Jacaranda, the brilliant yellow Tabebuia, the delicate pink and lavender orchid trees..and perhaps the most majestic of all~ with a regal name to match, The Royal Poinciana trees. Ah! Just the slightest hint of red in the middle of May…and for those of us who have experienced it before we eagerly await the glorious show of nature about to unfold. Just off Fifth Avenue, in the heart of downtown Naples, on the 6th Street parkway, there stands a row of these royal beauties (see photo attached)…and dotted on the cross streets up and down the surrounding avenues you will find all the other colors of our gorgeous flowering trees…and only during this wonderful time of year. It’s not the leaves changing or the first snow fall or the red breast of a robin poking at the ground along side a yellow crocus…having seen all of those, I would have to say that our changing seasons are quite beautiful, too. If anyone has any photographs of any of the flowering trees in Naples that they would like to share please email them to me at and I will post as many as I can on our website! Thanks and have a beautiful day!