Location, Condition, Price, Marketing

Posted on March 12, 2010

Location, condition, price, marketing…these are the four items that determine how quickly a home will sell. A seller controls 3 of the 4! Take these two cases as an example:

A home in really poor condition, in an inferior location, will still sell if it is marketed properly and priced well.If your home is in good condition, in a nice location, and if it is marketed correctly, but is still not selling: then the only factor that needs to be addressed is price.
Today’s buyers are smart. They examine every detail before making an offer on a property, including the listing’s history. How many price reductions, and how long a home has been listed weighs heavily on how close to the asking price an initial offer will come in…Pricing is crucial right from the start! Homeowners that stick to a price in the hopes of having more “room to negotiate” are eventually going to cut their price or follow the market down…and they usually end up negotiating a lower contract price than if the home was priced right to begin with. In addition to all the other items that we are dealing with today, we also need to factor in the foreclosures and short sales that are dramatically effecting prices. Experts suggest, ‘put your home on the market at the right price, and if it doesn’t sell in the first 30 days, cut the price so you won’t be caught in a downward spiral of price reductions’. Testing the market just isn’t a good strategy anymore. Well priced listings are selling in Naples Florida! Call us today for a list of our best buys! 239-370-0574