Keeping It Green!

Posted on April 23, 2010

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will ever make. Many buyers today are interested in a green lifestyle. People want to reduce their “carbon footprint” by taking advantage of the long-term savings that a green home affords. Do you know your “carbon footprint”? I think you’d be surprised to find out what an impact your lifestyle has on our planet. Click HERE to take calculate your carbon footprint.~Home buyers today are asking a few simple questions…they want to know what green features a home may have. Features including building materials, construction methods, and energy efficient appliances, such as those which are Energy Star rated. They understand green incentives for improvements to heating and cooling systems that save energy and the benefit of having an energy audit from their local electric company. We are all more aware of potential toxins in a home, and many people use special filters now to improve both the air and water quality of their home. Some other green home ideas can be as simple as the flooring you select, such as cork or bamboo, and the non-toxic finishes in the paints you use. ~It might be the single best thing you can do this week, in honor of the 40th Anniversary of Earth Day…calculate your carbon footprint today, and make a choice NOW to Go GREEN! For information about home green certifications, Star Energy ratings & LEED, please contact a member of the Harris Peppe Team. We would be happy to send you a brochure from The Green Resource Council. Thanks for “keeping it green”!