Keeping in the Loop

Posted on September 23, 2009

The term, “Keeping in the Loop” has taken on a whole new meaning since we started this voyage in 2007. We are on the Great Circle Loop, better known simply as The Loop! Both of us are still full time real estate agents, so strategically we had to decide how to manage our business while physically not being at the office. The Internet has certainly helped keep us in the loop…we subscribe to numerous real estate newsletters such as Broker Agent Pro, RIS Media, Early Bird News (which is the Florida Realtor newsletter), The National Association online magazine-Agent Shield; as well as various social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn…and I can’t forget Facebook! ~and, Even though Facebook is comprised of mostly personal connections, I have actually used it often to post real estate related information including price reductions, new listings and virtual tours! While away Sam, who we refer to as our ‘right arm’, manages the office and Chip’s two oldest daughters who work with us, Meagan and Krista, are our eyes and legs. We work on board everyday…answering emails, proofing ads, negotiating contracts, preparing month end reports, and of course: blogging and posting on our social networks. We are having the time of our life, and we are proof positive that you can have a balanced life filled with adventure and still stay involved in a successful career. The other day I read, ‘you don’t get paid for working hard, effort is not rewarded…you get paid for results’! We liked that!