Just Saying “Thank You”

Posted on March 07, 2011

From the time I was old enough to hold a pencil in my hand I was taught the art of the Thank You Note. Even before I learned to write my own name, I learned how to write the word ‘love’–the perfect salutation for the many notes I would write from a very early age to the wonderful friends and family to whom I wanted to show appreciation…Still to this day I send notes and cards…and I still think the 44 cents the post office charges to get a card from my mailbox to a friend’s mailbox anywhere in the USA in just a few days is a bargain indeed for the joy it gives both me and the receiver.

Chip & I like to say ‘thank you’ in various way to the people who make a difference in our lives–both in our personal lives and in business. A few years ago we tried our hand at a Client Appreciation Party–a beautiful venue, caterers…The entire Harris Peppe Team was there to visit with the attendees, including my amazing mom who was assigned to greeting the guests. I don’t think many people there were aware of my disappointment in the turnout, and it precluded me from organizing any such gatherings since…until yesterday! Last night Chip and I hosted the first, of what I believe will be many, Client Appreciation Sunset Cruises on the Ithaka! We comfortably included 5 couples, and hired our middle son Bobby to take care of all the serving details so that I could enjoy our wonderful company. I did all the cooking, which I love to do, and Chip of course captained the boat…The weather cooperated and we saw a magnificent sunset. All 12 guests were from the same general area, but some had never met, so new friendships were made. We all talked about how we met and our connections. We joked about my many hairstyles over the years. We talked about the real estate market, The Great Circle Loop trip that Chip and I completed last year, our children & grandchildren and we talked especially about how good life is in Naples Florida.
It is a deeply satisfying for me to realize that I have made a difference in their lives…they thank me all the time…yet, I continually want to find ways to let them know that I am thankful…not only for the business and referrals that they have given to me over the years, but absolutely without a doubt, I am most thankful for the relationships that I have made over the years. These are great friends…this is a great place to live…this is a wonderful career…and I am truly grateful. Just Saying THANK YOU, and make it a great day! The Naples Real Estate Blogger