Just Another Beautiful Day in Paradise!

Posted on March 17, 2009

We are so busy we can’t see straight….no complaints here mind you; just an observation…In addition to showing homes, negotiating contracts, managing files, processing new listings, accompanying on showings, checking email as well as checking Twitter, and Myspace, and LinkedIn, and Facebook…and now a new social network called “Ning” that I just read about…whew! ~and proofing ads, and writing letters, and doing mailings, and returning phone calls, and so on and so on…Who said this is not a “real job“?? –Afterwards of course I need to squeeze in eating & sleeping…and spending time with friends & family, volunteering…not to mention keeping up with the gardening, grocery shopping, laundry…AND let’s not forget watching Idol, and Lost, and Survivor, and the Apprentice, and The Amazing Race…oh, and let’s not forget blogging!!

No, no complaints here. I love my life, I love my loved-ones, I love my job, I love Naples! Now, I best get back to work!!! Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all, and may you all feel as lucky as I do today! Blessings to you from the Team!