Just a Nice Story

Posted on April 12, 2013

Recently, my husband and business partner, Chip, went out west to help our youngest daughter with a business situation–he was gone for 10 days. During those ten days Sam and I negotiated a few sales, took a new listing, juggled both phones and both computers, and we had a few “walk-thrus” and closings. It was a busy time, but Sam & I work really well together–We are both very organized, and for the most part, although we missed Chip a lot, we managed. At one of the walk-thrus, just prior to their closing, I was meeting one of our customers for the very first time. This isn’t as unusual as it sounds…as busy as we get, especially during season, there are many sales we make independent of one another…This nice story however is really worth sharing…

I clearly recall this particular Saturday, during peak season, when Chip and I were in the office just trying to catch up…we hadn’t had a day off in weeks, and the snail mail and emails needed our attention. Chip had gotten up extra early that morning and did some yard work before coming into the office. Trust me, neither of us were dressed to meet a customer. We got a call from one of our sellers that someone had not shown up for a scheduled open house. After trying unsuccessfully to locate our co-worker, Chip grabbed what he was working on and headed right over. I said, “Chip, you can’t sit at an open house dressed in shorts!” He said, “I’ll be fine, somebody needs to be there.” 

Fast forward to one of the the walk-thrus in Chip’s absence. They told me that they had gone to dozens of open houses that weekend. Yes, you got it—one of them just so happened to be with Chip wearing his finest ‘working in the yard’ attire! On a Sunday night, after meeting real estate agents from all corners of Naples, they threw all the business cards into a pile and decided to each write down the name, on a separate piece of paper, of the agent with whom they wanted to work. They both wrote down “Chip Harris”. Neither remembered that he wasn’t dressed professionally. They told me that they just felt ‘comfortable’ with him, that he seemed to really ‘understand the market’, and was a ‘very good listener’.

Some people place so much emphasis on appearances…clothing brands, jewelry, the kind of car you drive…Now, I’m not suggesting we all head out to open houses looking like we just walked a few miles on the beach, or show homes in an old clunker. Buyers want to work with successful agents…But, at the end of the day, most folks remember who made them feel comfortable, who knew the market, and who really listened! 

Great job Chip!

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Thank you and make it a great day!

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