Jewel-box Houses

Posted on June 29, 2009

A recent article published online through Real Estate Information Systems really caught my eye! (Taken from The Orlando Sentinel and distributed by McClatchy-Tribune Information Services)…The headline read, “Jewel-box Homes are Built Smaller, Smarter“. The main reason it got my attention is because Chip & I happen to live on Jewel Box Avenue here in Naples Florida! We have always loved the name of our street, and we even named our house (yes, I name homes) Ti Bijoux (which means Little Jewel in creole)…Anyway, the article was about the new trend sweeping our country towards smaller homes, now dubbed “Jewel-box houses“. The article went on to state that current economic conditions overall, but primarily the downturn in the real estate market and the new emphasis on energy efficiency has played a huge role in this trend.

So many of the buyers we are working with these days are telling us that they are “downsizing” and they are specifically asking for more quality and less quantity. Homebuyers are taking that portion of their budget usually designated to size & space and now putting it towards construction details. They are “investing” in the areas of their home where they actually LIVE and eliminating the unnecessary and those areas that used to be just for “show”. Not surprisingly, this new philosophy of simplifying ones life is definitely catching on…Even furniture manufacturers have begun creating pieces that are smaller, and multi-purpose! Love seats are out-selling full size couches, flat screen TVs take up less space, built-ins are more popular than ever in kitchens & closets and home-office armoirs and work stations are increasingly becoming more popular than having an entire room designated to an at home office!

There are plenty of wonderful “jewel-box” homes and condos to choose from here in Naples Florida. Call us today so we can assist you with your search for your very own “Ti Bijoux” in paradise!