It’s a great time to buy real estate!

Posted on January 03, 2008

2008 is really going to be a great time to buy real estate. There are several indisputable factors that support this opinion. First of all, I can’t remember the last time there’s been the kind of selection that today’s buyers have. Regardless what a buyer’s price range, there are so many wonderful homes and condos from which to choose. Write a “wish list”, chances are there won’t be much compromising!
You also don’t have to wonder if you’ll be getting into a “bidding war”…rarely is there any competitive bidding going on…it’s you and the seller.
Another nice thing about today’s real estate market, you can take your time…no one is going to make a buyer feel rushed today…The sellers are patient, the real estate agents are patient, aaahhhh…
Did you notice when we were all in a selling frenzy, sellers didn’t have to “fix” anything? Well, today’s sellers are more open to offers with inspection requests.
Financing is going through its own metamorphysis…the day of “zero” down, no documentation loans that will adjust in a couple of years based on the sub-prime are gone. But, back are the good old-fashioned, hard to argue with, fixed rate mortgages!
Finally, what I think is very relevant in our area; there are very few, if any, investors! We are back to being a “user-driven” market.
So come on buyers…you’re not afraid to make decisions when you’re chasing the market up…trust me, these prices won’t stay down forever.