In the Loop, but NOT Out of the Loop

Posted on September 04, 2009

There’s definitely an art to getting away and still being able to stay in touch…time management is crucial. I’ve taught classes over the years to new agents entering the real estate business on Business Planning and Time Management…I consider it one of my strengths. Chip & I left last week for the 3rd and final Leg of our adventure,”Discovering Ithaka“. In the process of completely circumnavigating the entire eastern United States (also known as ‘The Loop’), we have learned a lot…about ourselves & each other, our country–the places and the people: we’ve forged new friendships to last a lifetime and created memories which we will hold dear for many years to come. While away from the office one would think we would be more focused on where we are and what we are doing and not as connected to our friends, family & business back in Naples, but honestly, quite the opposite is true. While away, our team becomes our eyes and legs, but we actually work on board each and everyday. Technology is a wonderful thing…not only has email, social networking and blogging helped us to stay connected; having the office on board has also allowed us to keep current with offers being negotiated, closed sales and pendings in MLS…new listings are viewed by watching virtual tours. Our systems keep us on task and remind us who and when to call prospects….Have ‘aircard’ will travel! Most of the time when we talk to people they don’t even realize we are out of town (unless of course they are my friends on Facebook) ha ha! We are very blessed to be experiencing this adventure…in the long run we think it will make us better Realtors. So, keep the home fires burning Naples, we’ll be back before you know it…and in the meantime, I think we’ll sell a few condos to some of the folks we are meeting along the loop!