House-Spouse magnet

Posted on June 09, 2008

This may well be one of the weirdest real estate blog entries ever, but I felt it was worth the time for those ladies out there looking for a husband…okay, don’t laugh, but here goes.

We have a cute little condo listed in a neighborhood and price point that we do not normally handle. The mom of the owner is a real estate agent in another Florida city and found us on the Internet. Given her daughter’s situation I decided to take the listing myself hoping that someone would do the same for one of my kids. I promised her I would take care of her daughter as though she were my own kiddo. I know it gave her a good sense of comfort knowing my years of experience. Well, never did we think a year ago that the market would have continued it’s downward spiral and at such a pace…This lovely little condo is a super buy, located just a few short miles to downtown Naples and all the wonderful amenities Naples offers. Further, it boasts a spacious bedroom plus a den, covered parking, cute furnishings, in-home laundry, a wonderful community pool, a nice park-like setting, golfing nearby and best of all…are you ready for this? The last two ladies who owned this condo moved in single and met their husbands shortly thereafter. Now, this might be pushing the envelope, and of course I cannot make any guarantees, but thinking outside the box is my specialty and in this crazy market I figured, what did I have to lose, right?

Oh, by the way. This sweet little condo is priced at $100,000 even. Call us if you’re interested in the details or check it out yourself on our website: