Gulf and Radio Waves

Posted on July 17, 2010

Earlier today Chip and I were interviewed by a correspondent from Deutschlandfunk, Germany’s National Public Radio station.  [Similar to the BBC and our PBS.]  The reporter, Bettina Klein,  found us by doing an Internet search, and thereby locating our website, She called yesterday to arrange the meeting here at our office on Fifth Avenue South in downtown Naples. She had never been to Naples, so we spent a good portion of the interview telling her all about The Paradise Coast and why we believe Naples is the most beautiful city in Florida. Having driven over from Miami, she noticed the laid back demeanor of the area not long after arriving. During the interview, she was primarily interested in our thoughts about the oil spill and its effects on our local real estate market. Of course we shared with her how glad we are that the ‘cap’ appears to be working. We are cautiously optimistic. In addition, we showed her graphs and trajectory charts indicating the unlikelihood that the spill will ever reach the Naples shoreline. We told her that a good percentage of our customers were holding off on making any buying decisions until after the repair was assessed and the cleanup was well underway.  All in all we think it was a good interview, and a great opportunity for The Harris Peppe Team to get their name out to the international community. We normally have an influx of Europeans coming to our area in the late summer and early fall. Hopefully this will help lay to rest any uncertainty the listeners may have concerning the effects of the oil spill on Naples beaches, which is the primary reason why many Germans come to our area to begin with. In an effort to continue to bring the best service to our clients, Chip and I have aligned ourselves with a colleague that speaks German fluently, hoping to capture a portion of these potential buyers.  
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