Going Going Gone!

Posted on May 18, 2009

Last Friday I confirmed an appointment with a buyer who was scheduled to arrive in Naples this morning…after discussing the final details of his arrival I began the process of setting up appointments. We had been communicating via phone and email for about 30 days…much of what he was looking for was either listed as short sales or foreclosed properties. After calling on several of the short sale listings, and after discussing it with my customer, he decided to only look at non-short sale offerings. Many of those listed had already received multiple offers, and most for more than the asking price. The majority of them were still waiting for a response from the lenders involved. This narrowed the search down considerably. I proceeded to make appointments to show him and his wife 8 homes for sale which met the criteria which he outlined to me. When I got to the office this morning I re-confirmed all 8 appointments only to find that 2 of the homes had gone under contract over the weekend. I re-checked MLS and no new listings came up matching his specifications, so off we went to look at the 6 homes left on the list.

When we got back to the office there were actually 2 homes that they considered making offers on, so I phoned both listing agents for more information…and, BOTH homes already had offers on them…JUST SINCE THIS MORNING!!!! So buyers, if you’re reading this blog post and you think you might be interested in taking advantage of the super buys in Naples Florida, keep in mind, you are not alone! Prices haven’t been this good in years and interest rates are still phenomenal! The best buys are “going going gone“!

Please call a member of The Harris Peppe Team today! We hope to hear from you soon and we look forward to earning your business.