Goal Planning

Posted on January 28, 2010

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a huge goal planner….whether it is personal, family or business goals…whether it be a daily, monthly, annual or long term goals; I write a comprehensive business plan each and every year that includes systems and strategies for accomplishing these goals. So, the fact that I went to a Goal Planning seminar at the Board of Realtors today may baffle those who know I have taught Business Planning and Time Management classes for years…First of all, I firmly believe that sharpening the blade is necessary in order to stay honed in this ever changing real estate industry–Sometimes that means attending ‘Real Estate 101’ classes, better known as getting ‘back to the basics’, to see what is right there in front of you that you might be overlooking in your daily activities. Secondly, I have never been to a seminar in my life that I have not walked away with at least one new good idea. Today was no different. From this day forward I am going to carry with me, in my wallet, a list of 3 things in each of the previously mentioned categories: personal, family and business; as my one year goals…put in writing each year in January and carried in my wallet so that each and every time I open my wallet I will be affirming my abundance while being conscious of these goals. Lastly, I attended today’s seminar because it was hosted by a dear friend, and former manager, Patti Brotherton from California! It was a mini reunion, as seven of her former agents from the mid-90’s were there in attendance cheering her on and sharing accolades of our former broker with the group…we were able to attest to all her recomendations and ideas becasue each of us had already ‘been there and done that’!

So, let me suggest you all do the same thing…You don’t need to be in real estate to practice this activity. Right now, think of 3 things you want to accomplish by the end of 2010 in each category and write it down…now put it into your wallet!

From left to right: Audry, Lee, Jeri, Patrick, Patti, Doug, Judy, Lauren and me!

Thank you Patti from all of us for being here to share your energy with the group in Naples today!Posted by Picasa