Get Motivated!

Posted on January 26, 2011

Yesterday, I joined the nearly 5 million people who have experienced the largest, longest lasting, and most successful business seminars in North America! Reported to be best seminar of its kind by Time, People, the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. Get Motivated Seminars have also been featured on CNN, 60 Minutes, 20/20 and on radio and television shows around the globe. It is a proved fact that motivated people are happier, more successful and healthier than their unmotivated counterparts. The list of speakers from the days lineup included Rudy Giuliani, Laura Bush, Lou Holtz and Colin Powell. I thought I would share some of the highlights that I took away from the program. The first speaker was Rick Belluzzo. Rick is a former Microsoft President. His main topic was, Embracing Change as Opportunity. He said, “We have to re-invent ourselves many times, especially in a time of rapid change, as the one we are in right now.” He also stressed the importance of taking on tough assignments, being open to feedback, being confidant yet humble, but above all else-keeping integrity as the #1 driving force in the success of your life. Ask yourself in each situation, “What is the right thing to do?” His one quote which i particularly liked was to be “hard headed and soft hearted.” He said it was a saying his immigrant father taught him many years ago. The next speaker was America’s Mayor, Rudy Giuliani. He spoke poignantly of his experience in the days, weeks and months that followed 911. Although his speech was about The Courage to Lead, he gave all the credit to the many heroes that came forth that day. He said he had never before witnessed such courage…He stressed the greatness of America lies in each citizen to be an individual thinker. He listed several practices which help him each day to be a better leader, but one in particular stands out to me: The importance for us to debate and discuss our ideas. For him, it helps to be ready for criticism, it re-establishes his beliefs, it makes him more open to new ideas, and it creates tolerance and in the end: unity. Probably my favorite Rudy quote of the day was, “Don’t worry about the polls.” I take from this that at times a leader must do what may not necessarily is the most popular thing to do, but it usually is the best thing to do. The next 4 speakers were ‘lesser knowns” but each had something beneficial to share with the audience. Krish Dhanam, perhaps the most dynamic speaker of the day, gave a patriotic speech that left much of the audience on their feet. Born in South India, Krish has achieved the American Dream. He spoke primarily about goal setting, and his one quote that truly resonated with me was actually attributed to someone else, but none the less, I loved it: “In times of change, the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to work in a world that no longer exists.” He also said that most people react to what they see rather than doing what they believe in…Zig Ziglar was unable to attend due to health concerns but his daughter Julie graciously stood in for her father. Her talk was short and sweet and was accompanied by a video clip of some the highlights of her dad’s career. Zig is perhaps the granddaddy of motivational speakers, and yet it was this very lovely quote that I liked best, “Wake your children up quietly-it will make for a peaceful day.” She told of how each day her dad would kiss her good morning and say, “Good morning, you’re going to have a great day, your friends are going to be so happy to see you, and you are going to get great grades.” Julie’s account of this morning ritual effected me as much as anything else spoken during the day. There were a couple of guest speakers that outlined ways to make money both in the stock market and real estate. Really too much information to blog about here, but I will be getting a book by Peter Lynch, One Up On Wall Street, as I have always wanted to better understand the Stock Market. A few statistics that struck me are: 1.) 89% of the people who make $50,000 or more each year are self-employed. 2.) 1 of 3 retirees earn less than $900. per month. 3.) Only 3% of Americans will retire at an equal or greater level of income than when they worked. 4.) Our country spends more money on coffee and soft drinks than college educations. WOW! Laura Bush was the only speaker of the day that I did not take notes. I just sat and listened, and remembered how that calming voice soothed a nation during its darkest days. She was poised, funny, articulate…I would simply describe her as a Class Act…and regardless of what ones personal political persuasion is, I would find it very hard to believe if anyone sat through her talk with a dry eye. She made us laugh, she made us cry, she made us think. General Colin Powell was great! You can tell that retirement suits him. He spoke of being born an analog and living in a digital world…he joked about how his grandkids have him on Facebook and Twitter [I have already ‘friended’ him and am now ‘following’ him]…He shared with us stories about how easy it is to ‘touch’ human beings, the simplest of which is hand written thank you notes…He said the quote that best represents what makes him who he is, is: “Follow Me.” With that said, he listed the following characteristics and steps he takes which make him a leader worth following: 1.) Set the course, set goals 2.) Direct the mission 3.) Have a purpose, and always make it positive 4.) Inspire 5.) Recognize those who deserve credit. Last, but not least was Lou Holtz. I have heard Lou speak several times before, and I never leave his talks without being motivated. His whole philosophy in life is, “Change your attitude, improve your game.” This is what stood out to me yesterday: To be successful you must add value to people’s lives. He motivated football players and won national championships with these three simple sayings: Always do what’s right, Do everything to the best of your ability, and Always make sure people know you care! He also said that in both personal and business relationships one should ask these three questions: 1) Can I trust you? 2.) Are you committed to excellence? 3.) Do you care about me? Well, I hope this helped to motivate you…I know I’m excited to make a positive difference in your day today! Thank you, The Naples Real Estate Blogger