Florida Tops List of International Buyer’s Destination!

Posted on May 20, 2014

25% of all international buyers in the USA purchase in Florida!

In a recent article about international buyers, published in the Naples
REALTOR magazine, several statistics were shared that I found
interesting. Did you know that Florida accounts for nearly 25% of all
international sales in the USA? Miami heads the list of destinations,
with 21% of the 25%, but the Naples-Marco Island real estate market remains strong
at 6.3% of the closed sales in the last 12 months. Canadians, for many
reasons select Florida, and Naples is their #1 destination with 13% of
Canadians purchasing in Collier County. So far year-to-date 2014
Canadians make up over 60% of our non-domestic closings followed by
Germany at 12% and the U.K. at 8%.  International buyers are playing a
more important role in our local real estate market and they are drawn
here for a myriad of reasons. Most state the weather of course, but
other factors include our culture: arts, entertainment and fine dining;
as well as the value of housing.



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Thank you, and make it a great day!


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