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Posted on April 17, 2015

Personal Facebook Pages vs. Facebook Business Pages

Right on the top of my list of pet peeves is people using their personal Facebook page for business purposes. I can see an occasional posting about a long day at the office, or an upcoming open house…a comment about a really awesome customer, or an experience with a wonderful vendor—but I think it is important that users understand the difference. Business pages are more professional, plus you get special features such as ads, traffic stats and post scheduling features! I can’t tell you how many times I open up my Facebook account only to see a “friend” marketing real estate on their personal page…The old 80/20 rule of social media should apply. Even on your Business page, 80% of your content should be about lifestyle, customer interest, local updates about restaurants and upcoming events in your area. Only 20% should actually be about your product!



Here are a few tips from The Naples Real Estate Blogger to make sure your Facebook strategy is on target:


For those of you in the real estate industry, it’s worth mentioning again: Don’t use your personal Facebook page to highlight your real estate services. Get a Facebook Business page!

Post about your neighborhood or farm area. Let people know your passion for this community.

Post as many images as possible–I suggest at least one every day! Images are more apt to create engagement, which is the #1 reason we post to begin with…The more images you post, the more likely your posts will get shared or commented on, and the more likely they will be viewed by your followers and friends of followers.

Use geo-targeted ads and pay extra to boost certain posts.

Ask questions! People love to share their opinions.

Highlight area vendors who have helped your business. It’s one of the nicest compliments you can give; to tell your fans about a good experience, especially when it is unsolicited! 

Comment on other business pages. Share and tag! Recognize someone’s accomplishments. Congratulate a job well done…Engage, engage, engage!

Quotes and positive affirmations are always fun to share.

Jokes are fun, too, but keep it clean–remember, it’s your business page! 

Watch grammar and spelling. DETAILS matter!

Facebook is still the largest social network site. I hope this post has helped motivate you to take the next step towards creating a business page!


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