Everyone Has a Covid19 Story…

Posted on April 08, 2020

Everyone has a Covid19 story…we are ALL being effected by this virus. All of us! No one is being spared. Even if not directly, the ripple effect is in full swing. This effects every person, family, business, church, charity, friend and relative…As a real estate team, we are doing everything we can to insure a safe operation to protect our friends and customers.

Our office closed long before it was mandated. We are doing “virtual showings” and communicating via “Zoom” and FaceTime. We are attending online classes and webinars, plus business meetings and even caravans, all ‘virtually’. Working from home has had its challenges, but each problem has a creative solution. We are calling our past clients and friends, and I ordered 200 stamps online. I am sending 5-10 hand-written personal notes to our data base each day. I haven’t had the time to call people or send notes during “season” in years!

Recently, a seller under contract moved completely out of their home, only to be told the day before closing that their buyer would not go through with the sale…Another buyer ready, willing and able to close with a complete loan approval, but prior to closing get furloughed, only to be told their lender cannot fund the mortgage until they are back to work full time. Of course, that seller is all packed and ready to move into their new home, and their financing depends on closing on that sale. In turn the home they are buying has already be vacated, all furnishings in storage and the power set to be turned off…Yup, the domino effect. But for every challenging story of stress and upset, there are double the good stories out there. Sometimes hard to look on the bright side when you’re in the middle of the muddle, yet we all know this too shall pass.