Short Sales in Naples Florida

Short Sale Pilot Program

Posted on June 24, 2010

A national average tells us that less than 9% of short sales listed will go through to closing! One in every 173 housing units in Florida are more than 30 days late on their mortgage payment. Approximately 30% of the listed homes and condos are "distressed"...80% of those are "underwater", or in a short sale situation. An example of the huge learning curve that all of us in the real

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Short Sales

Posted on January 25, 2009

In an effort to explain what has become one of the most frequently asked questions of the 2009 season: "What is a short sale?", I will attempt as simple and as concise answer as possible with my limited experience in the matter... When the proceeds of a real estate transaction fall short of what is owed on the property, it is referred to as a "short sale". In many cases

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