Business Planning 101

Posted on December 21, 2011

Well, here we are, getting ready to flip our calendars over to yet another year. It’ll probably take more than a few times of mindlessly writing 2011 on checks and letters before the new year sinks in and twenty-12 becomes more natural. It’s been a good year…we met our business goals, our children and grandchildren are all healthy, my mom is still getting younger with every passing year, we took a few great vacations…Yes, life is good in paradise. As I am writing this Chip is sitting at the desk beside me working on spreadsheets for our income taxes and I have been busy putting the finishing touches on our 2012 Business Plan. I’ve been writing a Business Plan for many years, and only once in the past 20 or so years did I make the choice to go it alone without the aid of a written plan. [It’s a long story]. As it turns out, that ended up being a pretty good year, yet the very next year I went back to a written plan. I’m just one of those people that stays on track more easily if I have a plan. I think that’s true of most folks. Personally, I will be very happy on the day I can chuck all that planning aside for a more serendipitous life, but for now, and for my sanity I plan, I organize, I color code.

For those of you reading this that are considering writing a business plan, maybe even for the first time, here’s a little guidepost to get you started.

#1. You’ve got to have goals, but more importantly, you’ve got to have strategies for obtaining your goals: tactics and systems in place that support and direct you to the results you desire.
#2. I recommend, in addition to a business mission statement that you also have a personal mission statement. One or two concise sentences that sum up who you are. I’ve had the same personal mission statement since 1995…never changed one word. It’s the purpose of my life.
#3. You must have a marketing plan. This should include a budget that you stick to throughout the year.
#4. Surround yourself with happy, successful, energetic, positive, proactive people.
#5. Keep your plan in a place where you can refer to it often.

Yup…that’s about it. Like the post title says, “Business Planning 101″…it really doesn’t have to be complicated. You probably already know what you have to do to meet your goals…the question now becomes are you willing to do the work?

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Good luck to everyone in 2012! I think it’s going to be an unbelievable year!

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