Building Bridges

Posted on October 25, 2011

I don’t use this platform for political commentary very often…but I just need to vent a little. It may actually not be a “political” statement at all, but rather a perspective on the nature of things as I see them right now. I’ve had people that I know, love and respect becoming very angry lately with what is happening in the world. I see them react in a most unfamiliar way and I hear them make judgements and say things that I never thought I’d hear them say…This is true of people on both sides of the political spectrum. Good, kind, loving souls who profess to not judge are spouting out irrational comments about everyone they don’t see eye to eye with. I understand why people are angry, but I just don’t see it as a solution. I personally don’t think we can get from where we are today to where we want to be by continuing to be mad and angry. All these protesters would be creating a much better world if they weren’t out there stirring up so much negativity, but rather went to volunteer at a soup kitchen or read to a lonely old person in a nursing home. The right blames the left and the left blames the right….Poor people blame rich people and rich people blame poor people. TV commentators on both sides are spewing hate-filled words.

There’s a sign on the door leading into our office at work which reads, “Please take responsibility for the energy you bring into this place.” It’s an Oprah quote, and I love it. It really gets your head on straight when you get to work and you are immediately cognisant of taking responsibility for your attitude. I believe that what people practice on a small scale ripples out into their community, and ultimately creates the world as they perceive it. We need to be kinder to one another. We need to be more respectful of our differences. We need to take a greater responsibility for our own lives and quit blaming other people when things aren’t going our way. We need to stop expecting the government to bail us out. When a neighbor is truly in need we will be there for them. Why? Because we humans are innately good, that’s why! Let’s turn off the news in the morning and at night, whether it’s CNN or Fox, and let’s begin and end our day doing a good deed, calling a loved one, volunteering, hugging a child, adding beauty to the world…Let’s stop before we judge a republican or a democrat and try to find what we have in common rather than what sets us apart.

Today I choose to build bridges. Will you join me?

Thank you for your time,

The Naples Real Estate Blogger