Beyond Slogans

Posted on October 05, 2010

and, most of all…

Here are a few of my personal favorites…

“Connecting People”

“Because You’re Worth It.”

“The Ultimate Driving Machine.”

“Expect the Best”
~Coldwell Banker

“Where Do You Want To Go Today?”

If I had not listed the company name you probably would have guessed most of them correctly, right? But, if any of these companies had the slogan without the substance to back it up, they would merely be empty sentences. There needs to be something Beyond Slogans to keep the consumer coming back to a company that originally may have grabbed their attention with a catchy phrase. Slogans become mantras as well…”Just Do It” has become a figure of speech…part of our modern terminology….”Can You Hear Me Now”? Don’t we all dream of coming up with a slogan so popular that when people see it, hear it, they know the company without having to be told? 
Chip and I have ‘gone through’ several slogans. Before we ‘joined forces’ mine was “Michele Sells By The Seashore.”–His was, “Chip Harris, The Name Friends Refer To Friends.” We tried to incorporate both of these into some of our marketing, yet it never really had the same inpact as a team that they did individually. We then tried to stress the fact that we give “Old fashioned service with state-of-the art technology to better serve your real estate needs”…..WAAAAAY TOO LONG!  We tried the “You May Be Our Customer Once But You’ll Be Our Client For Life.” I liked that one, and we do still use it ocassionally. “Local Knowledge, Global Connections” is also a slogan that I really like and we still use that in a lot of our international publications and mailings….BUT, you just can’t have five slogans!  
For the past few years we have been using, “We ARE Naples Real Estate”–it truly does seem to sum it all up…and we certainly do have the ‘substance’ to back it up! Our website, is one of the most popular real estate websites in Southwest Florida! Naples Real Estate is my facebook page name, and our fan page is We ARE Naples Real Estate…I’ve been selling in Naples since 1981…and I’m now known around town as The Naples Real Estate Blogger—So, for all the other slogans that we have used and outgrown, tried and changed…This one definitely fits us the best!
So next time someone asks you, Who are Chip and Michele? Maybe you’ll just have to answer, “They are Naples Real Estate!!!” 
Thanks, and make it a great day,
The Naples Real Estate Blogger