Another “Alley” Surprise

Posted on April 06, 2009

I had the pleasure yesterday, while driving through the alley behind the 800 block of Fifth Avenue South, of coming upon another lovely surprise in our beautiful little city. (see blog post dated March 5th, 2009 for another recent entry about “alley surprises”)

The first installment of public art, made possible by an ordinance passed in 2006, was recently erected in front of the new parking garage. The piece was created by artist Mark Fuller of Palm Beach Gardens. It consists of 2 lattice-like structures that are nearly 12 feet tall. They each have 108 diachronic coated panels. Each panel pivots as the wind flows through allowing them to change color as they reflect the surroundings. It was titled “Cambier’s Quilt” by the artist and can actually be seen from Cambier Park, right across the street. (click on photo to enhance image)

I think the best part of all, in addition to the beauty it adds to the city, is the fact that it makes art available to everyone. You don’t have to be confined within the walls of a museum or gallery to see art in Naples Florida…there are wonderful sculptures and other lovely works of art dotting the streets downtown. While I was there taking photos countless passer-bys were commenting on the colorful, fun piece…”It makes you smile”, one lady said. I agree.

I encourage anyone driving into Olde Naples to take a turn down the back alley on the south side of Fifth Avenue…then make a special stop to look at this delightful work of art up close!