A Rare Occurrence

Posted on July 09, 2009

The very rare ghost orchid is in full bloom in Naples Florida!

The Ghost Orchid is the rarest of all specimens of orchids and perhaps the most revered in the world! Right here in Naples, at the Audubon’s Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary for the 3rd consecutive year, we are experiencing this magnificent and rare occurrence. The current blooming phase consists of 10 buds and is visible from the sanctuary’s boardwalk now through the beginning of August. (photographers are urged to bring powerful telephoto lenses as the blooms are 45′ up in an ancient bald cypress tree about 150′ from the boardwalk). Area botanists have nicknamed this particular plant a Super Ghost because it bloomed 3 times in 2007 and again 3 times in 2008; both summers with multiple buds. Typical ghost orchids might have 1 or 2 buds and bloom once per year, if at all.

If you are interested in traveling to Naples to witness the ghost orchid firsthand, the area’s Convention & Visitors Bureau has a special “orchid deals” web page! or you can call 1-800-688-3600.

Click here for more information about this magnificent bloom!

There is rare beauty all around us. South Florida is the only place on earth where the ghost orchid is now known to bloom…We truly are blessed to call Naples home…call us if you’d like to call Naples Home.