2012 : The Year We Have All Been Waiting For…

Posted on December 31, 2011

“An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in…A pessimist stays up till midnight to make sure the old year leaves.”

~Bill Vaughn

So, has there ever been another year written about as often as 2012? Of course, 1984 comes to mind…as does the new millennium. Ah yes, waiting for the clock to strike on December 31st, 1999 at 11:59 PM–I’m sure you remember where you were at that moment….ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one…Wasn’t the world supposed to end then, too? But, the Twenty-12 phenomenon has crept beyond ones own imagination into the mainstream with impending fears of cataclysmic events that are predicted to change the world as we know it…Movies have been made [the disaster film made in 2009: 2102], scholars have studied Mayan history and culture [it’s their calendar that many of the predictions are based upon], and New Age beliefs about galactic alignment are taking notice among even the less mystic-minded souls…Doomsday theories have spread like wildfire, especially with the use of Internet, Youtube…Dan Brown’s book, The Lost Symbol…why even The History Channel aired a special series about “The Last Days on Earth” and “Nostradamus 2012”. The Discover Channel also aired “2012 Apocalypse”…supposedly more evidence that earthquakes and volcanoes will throw us all into a black hole…just more doomsday hype?

What do you think all the hype is about? And, what do you think we should be taking seriously, or not so seriously? What are you planning to learn from all this sensationalism, and where do you intend to be on December 21st, 2012? I’m sure, if you are being honest, you’ve thought about this. For me? Well, I’ve seen Gregg Braden live, I’ve read his books…I’m interested in what he says and very open to his explanations. I’ve studied Mesoamerica prophecy, although not as in-depth as many, but enough to feel pretty comfortable about hosting Christmas Eve at my house again next year–

I believe this…Typically, in trying times, the greater the challenge the greater the lesson. An example; if you have ever spoken to someone who is a cancer survivor they will tell you that event changed their life forever…and almost always for the better—Difficulties teach us to prioritize. They teach us to remain calm during a storm. They teach us to live life to the fullest. They teach us to appreciate those things that we might overwise take for granted. They teach us that “this too shall pass…” They bring out the best in us that we might otherwise have never been called forth to dig as deep to find our inner strength…So, it’s not necessarily the END OF THE WORLD, but rather the end of the world as we know it…from the smallest scale to the largest. And maybe, just maybe it will be a kinder, gentler world–now wouldn’t that be wonderful! I believe everyday can be our “doomsday” or the “first day of the rest of our lives”…Only you get to decide.

Let’s make 2012 the best year yet!

Thank you, and Happy New Year,

The Naples Real Estate Blogger